Secluding of La Sante Spa to immerse you and be born again with our traditional range of authentic health and beauty treatments treated by professional Cambodian therapists. Lay down at La Sante Spa to be pampered and rejuvenated.

(Opening Time: 10:30AM to 10PM)


Reflexology Foot Massage                                  60 Minutes    US$ 7.00

Your treatment begins with a gentle floral foot wash, followed by an invigorating exfoliation, using finest regional ingredients, such as our iconic, cool peppermint scrub. Our therapist then focuses on pampering your feet with herbal oils and aromatic, soothing creams. By the end, you will feel like you are walking on clouds.

Traditional Khmer Body Massage                   60 Minutes      US$ 7.00

Experience the art of Cambodian massage, with an original treatment focusing on releasing muscular tension through precise acupressure harmonizing and re-balancing your energy. After being pampered from head to toe, you will feel like reborn.

Aromatherapy Massage                                    60 Minutes      US$ 15.00

Our Aromatherapy treatment combines the relief of our traditional body massage with invigorating aromatic oils, teasing and pleasing your senses while lifting your spirit. Choose from our range of sensual oils; lemongrass, ginger, jasmine, citronella, lavender and many more. Please ask our Spa Team to introduce additional options.

Foot Scrub                                                          60 Minutes      US$ 10.00

Be kind to your feet and treat yourself to a cleansing, revitalizing and refreshing foot scrub. Following a floral soak, your feet are gently polished using our soothing, herbal exfoliating cream.


Please ask our helpful Reception staff to detail available options, venues, duration and pricing. Please contract reception and reserve at least 1 hour before your desired treatment time.

Thank you very much!


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